02 Mar 2020
Deploy in General Directorate of Health and Social Assistance of UBA


This March 2, the start-up of “COYA Labs” in the General Directorate of Health and Social Assistance of the UBA was carried out, computerizing the admission, identification of samples with barcodes, and automation of loading of results through interfaces with the Wiener CB350 (chemistry) and Mythic 22 AL (hematological counter).

This Health Center, dependent on the University of Buenos Aires, aims to offer students comprehensive care that promotes a better quality of life in the university community.

The implementation approach was carried out in conjunction with our commercial and technical partner in the province of Buenos Aires, Avan Tecnologías (


Finally, we want to thank the biochemists Gustavo Sosa (technical director) and Jorge Maeyoshimoto, and all the staff (administrative, technical, and computer scientists) who collaborated for the successful start-up.





Training for technicians



Interface with Wiener CB350 analyzer



Validation of results.



Admission / barcodes.



Interface Mythic 22 AL